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Date Event
April 24 2014 A glorious Easter in the rainforest and some memories sparked by the death of Neville Wran.. con't >
Apr  9  2014 Photos of our son River 6 weeks to 4 months Note* When the page opens-Doubleclick top left photo, click on   "slideshow" top middle, move cursor to bottom of screen and hit play
Feb  3  2014 “The naming of our son “River"
Dec 11 2013 11/12/13 The birth of our son. Hallelujah!
Nov 22 2012 Raised over $6000 (see Oct 24  post) . Crowdfunding rocks! Thanks Do Gooder.
Oct 24 2012  Please help us to stop invaders 
from destroying the Los Cedros Biological Reserve in the Amazon headwaters of Ecuador
Sept 12 2012  Some reminiscences upon AID/WATCH’s 20th birthday  |1980 documentary first eco-blockade in the world  
Aug 25 2012  John Seed and Megan Wallace marry.
July 16 2012  Do you think that humanity can find a way past the current global environmental and social crises?
June 28 2012  CLIMATE CHANGE, DESPAIR & EMPOWERMENT, JOHN SEED & RUTH ROSENHEK Social Alternatives Vol. 31 No.1, 2012
June 8 2012  After our great experiential deep ecology workshop at Mooncourt, Glenys and Taffy recorded “Child of the Universe” which I had sung to accompany the Cosmic Walk .
June 4  2012  completed due diligence and funded tree planting in Kenya
April 2012 engaging with food security in Zimbabwe
Feb 6 2012  keynote address to APNEC: “Deep Ecology & The Conservation of Nature” now posted to youtube.
Nov 22 2011  Council of All Beings to-day, my last event in Taiwan.. Yesterday keynote address to APNEC: “Deep Ecology & The Conservation of Nature”. Earlier, an Ecopsychology and Eco-Spirituality panel and before that Ecophilosophy and Council of All Beings at Providence University. Also delivered some money I raised for the aboriginal communities I met last time I was here, to stop the dams that threaten their lands and way of life.
Oct 30 2011 uploaded a bunch of my music
July 2 2011 UWS publishes SOCIAL ECOLOGY including my chapter The Religion of Economics
May 8 2011   Deep Ecology Mandarin website